iPhone Application – Save Time by Route4Me

Route4Me is an amazing application for iPhone users those who always faced problem while finding places whether it is about looking to rent houses, going for a meeting, attending a ceremony or simply finding direction. The application helps in saving a lot of your money and time. The question is – how does this iPhone application works? All that is required is entering the name of place where you want to visit or places that you want to visit and Route4Me can automatically generate a route that can take care of all destinations in the shortest quickest way possible. This will help in saving tremendous amount of gas and refilling charges.

As soon as you open the application, you’ll need to enter your e-mail address. This is done for creation of an account so that you can easily share information with other iPhone users as well. You also get the facility of e-mailing the root at the e-mail address so that for later use, the route can browsed anytime.

he application has been made as simple as possible and when Route4Me is opened for the first time, you’ll see the word “destinations” on the screen. This is where you need to enter the addresses of all destinations where you want to reach. Make sure that the first address you enter is your departure address. It is possible to enter this addresses manually or by touching the button that is their on the screen’s lower left corner. You will now have to enter the rest of all destinations where you want to reach. Adding these destinations is also simple you’ll just need to touch ‘+’ button that is present on the screen’s upper right corner and go-ahead typing the address. It is also possible to open address book on your iPhone and enter a contact’s address instead of your typing the address manually. After you have filled all destinations, touch the “Plan Route” button that is present on the screen’s bottom.

You can view your routes in two different ways: Directions and Maps. While map presents an overview of all the destinations that you need to reach, the directions view provides detail information turn by turn. This application is a wonderful way to solve Route optimization problems and for working with multiple locations. The simple use makes you save a lot of time and money. Be sure to read more at the iphone screen repair website.