Make the Most of a Tour of the Star Wars Clone Wars DVD Set

Fans of Star Wars know how much they want a real authentic, in-person tour of the series filming locations. They would also pay a lot for a star wars the clone wars DVD set.

A tour is really just a stand-alone movie tour. It is like if you went to see a movie outside of the actual theatrical release and then watched it in its entirety.

And the money saved can be spent on more things than you’d expect. It’s like going on a family vacation and getting your own motel room.

People who have never seen Star Wars would be ecstatic to take a tour. With enough money, you could go to every single filming location.

For instance, the Millennium Falcon set was designed by Ralph McQuarrie (who also designed the designs for the Death Star), although Lucas had already used it for the first Star Wars film. It had become a bit familiar by that point and people wanted to see what it looked like from the inside.

The Lucas used the Falcon set in a number of other movies before finally making the transition to the much smaller and less expensive Millennium Falcon and its successors. The Death Star model was also used in the Star Wars prequels.

But no one would seriously consider visiting the production of the first Star Wars because they would have to see it on television and it took place a long time ago. They also didn’t think to visit the Mos Eisley cantina nightclub.

And this is how it should be. No matter how much Star Wars there is in the entire galaxy, they still have to film somewhere. They don’t own the building where they do it, so they have to make as much of it look and feel like it does in the show.

So when you’re planning to take a tour of the Star Wars series filming locations, make sure to include the Episode I set as well as the prequels. Just make sure you get a decent car and know how to drive.

Unless of course you plan to use the bathroom while driving through tunnels, on an off-world planet, or something. I’m sure there are plenty of sites available to enjoy, but you have to be prepared for the unexpected.

You could probably see a whole new world if you decide to go and have fun with the tour. Who knows, you might even get to hang out with an original piece of droids!

And it wouldn’t hurt to visit some of the actual galaxies you’ve seen in your life. Maybe a trip to the Royal Observatory could be in order. Be sure to check out star wars clone wars dvd.